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Pet Care Videos

Having trouble getting your pet to cooperate when it's time to brush his/her teeth? Not sure how to best clean your pet's ear? We've compiled a few video resources to help you tackle these common pet care activities.

How to Trim a Cat’s Nails:
How to Trim a Dog’s Nails:
How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth:
How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth:
How to Prepare Subcutaneous Fluids for Your Pet:
How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids to a Cat:
How to Prepare an Insulin Syringe for a Diabetic Cat:
How to Give Your Diabetic Cat an Insulin Injection:
How to Give Insulin to a Diabetic Dog:
How To Give Your Cat a Pill:
How to Clean a Dog’s Ear:
How to Clean a Cat’s Ear:
How to Put Medication in Your Dog’s Eyes
How to Put Medication in your Cat’s Eyes:

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