Veterinary Dentistry

We know that brushing your pet’s teeth can certainly be a challenge! But good oral dental care is essential to the well-being of your pet. That’s why the Crossroads veterinary team is here to help you. We can teach you tips and tricks to make brushing your pet’s teeth less of a chore. We also offer regular dental check-ups with any exam and are here to help support your good dental hygiene efforts at home. If needed, a full dental cleaning under anesthesia may be scheduled at any time for your pet.

veterinary performing dental work on a cat
dog holding toothbrush

Oral Care and
Dental Cleaning

Did you know that dental disease is the most common disease that impacts pets? Having a solid oral hygiene routine in place can help you reduce the risk of disease. The Crossroads veterinary dental team is here to ensure that your pet's oral health is taken just as seriously as every other aspect of their health.

veterinarian examining a cat in a lady's arms

What To Expect with
a Dental Cleaning

  • A full examination and pre-anesthetic blood work
  • General anesthesia
  • Cleaning—a high speed ultra-sonic scaler cleans above and beneath the gum line
  • Digital Imaging—dental x-rays are essential. Approximately 60% of dental disease is hidden below the gum line.
  • Polishing
  • Pain medication with extractions
  • Antibiotics if needed
close up of canine's teeth with dental issues

Signs Your Pet Needs
Oral Care

Learning the warning signs for when something is wrong is crucial to keeping your pet healthy. Here are a few signs you can look for to identify oral health issues with your pet.

  • Bad Breath
  • Red, Swollen Gums
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Yellow Teeth
  • Facial Swelling
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Difficulty Chewing

Have questions? Give us a call or stop by our facility at anytime. We are here to help keep your pets happy and healthy.

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