Veterinary Services

Just like you, we love our pets and want to share as many years as possible with them. That’s why Crossroads Animal Hospital is highly invested in diagnostic veterinary services. Being able to provide an early diagnosis is vital to your pet enjoying a higher quality of life. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facility allow us to diagnosis your pet’s condition right in our office.

papillon on examination table
dog lying down with compress on its head

How Can You Help?

Be Proactive. As with any health related issue, preventative measures are the best way to ensure quality of life. By keeping up with your pet's wellness care and paying attention to changes in behavior, you can help ensure your pet is diagnosed before something gets too serious. If you ever have questions or you think something might be wrong, call us any time or stop by the clinic for your pet to be examined.

female vet looking at an x-ray


Diagnostic imaging or x-rays usually plays a crucial role in many medicine and surgery cases. Our veterinarians use a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine to provide high quality images that will help us make a diagnosis.

We also use dental x-rays during teeth cleanings to help find what is hiding underneath the gum line. Many times a tooth may appear healthy, but the x-ray will reveal the true story and detect changes the need to be addressed.

three female vets performing an ultrasound on a dog


An ultrasound is a non-invasive technology that allows the veterinarian to view the body internally to help diagnose certain conditions. Our veterinarians are trained to use the ultrasound to assess specific organs.

For more advanced ultrasound imaging, we have a mobile practitioner who will visit the hospital and send the ultrasound images or videos to a Board-Certified Radiologist or Cardiologist to get answers.

golden hair cat getting a shot

Laboratory Services

Crossroads Animal Hospital is equipped with the most advanced in house laboratory machines—which allows us to get results quickly. Being able to get answers within minutes is an important factor in emergency situations or when your pet is not feeling well.

Our highly trained technicians are well versed in using the equipment and microscope to help with other in-house diagnostics. We also employ an outside, nationally recognized laboratory for further testing that gives us access to multiple board-certified specialists. Our veterinarians, along with the advice from specialists, help us provide the highest quality care for your pet.

two vets performing an endoscopy on a pet


Endoscopy utilizes a small camera to help diagnose issues in pets and can sometimes help us avoid more invasive surgeries or procedures. While Crossroads Animal Hospital does not currently have an endoscope, we can refer you to our local sister clinic, Hobart Animal Clinic, to utilize this valuable tool if needed.

Plan Ahead for Your Visit

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